Watsons Green Tea Antioxidant Pore Minimising Gel Review

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So here is a green tea skin care product from Watsons. To be exact, it is a green tea antioxidant pore minimizing gel. I bought this a month ago or so from Watsons. Actually, my friend suggested me about that green tea line oil-control green tea water spray. I bought that also. But I have been using this product, pore minimizing gel straight from day one and loving it. I will review about the other product after I used it for more and longer time to know about that well.
Watsons Green Tea Antioxidant Pore Minimising Gel Review
So, this green tea antioxidant pore minimizing gel comes in a green plastic bottle with a pump and a cap. It contains 80g of the product. It costs about 3-4$ and made in China.

Watsons Green Tea Antioxidant Pore Minimising Gel
It says “Watsons Green Tea Antioxidant pore minimizing gel contains essence extracted from Japanese green tea, a powerful antioxidant, which helps protect skin from environmental damage and the signs of aging. It also contains Hamamelis extract to help control oil and minimize the appearance of pores by preventing the build up of impurities. Leave skin smoother and more refined looking with the subtle fragrance of green tea.”
Green Tea Antioxidant Pore Minimising Gel by Watsons Watsons Green Tea Antioxidant Gel Application Watsons Green Tea  Gel Application Watsons Green Tea  Gel finished look
In my opinion and according to my experiences, it is really a nice product. I really love the green tea sense and it minimize my pores a bit after few times usage. I mean, your pores look a bit minimized after you applied the gel on your skin and after it is fully absorbed. So, it is good. Because I know non of the product can really minimize your pores for good. This gel also makes my skin fresher and feel fresher. You can also use this product as after-shave gel as I believe. It has a very lovely smell. It is very cheap and quite effective. After I cleaned my face, I use this product before I apply moisturizer or sometimes, I just use this product without moisturizer. It contains antioxidant, so I hope it will slow down my aging too. (LOL) You got a lot of product for very little price as well.

What do you think of it? If you are in Asia, have you spot this product in your local Watsons stores?

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