Yves Rosher Luminelle Eyeshadow 78 Fleur de Chataigne Review

This is a review of Yves Roucher Luminelle eyeshadow in no 78.I can’t say the eyeshadow name exactly as it is written in French. This no:78 is a beautiful shimmery dark brown. I got this unexpectedly as I was there to buy eyeshadows for my aunt as she ordered. They were having sale buy 2 get 1. So, I bought 2 for my aunt, which is shimmery purple and shimmery blue, then I got to choose one eyeshadow for free and I got this.
Yves Rosher Luminelle Eyeshadow 78 Fleur de Chataigne ReviewYves Rosher Luminelle Eyeshadow 78 Fleur de Chataigne Yves Roucher Luminelle Eyeshadow Luminelle Eyeshadow by Yves Roucher Yves Roucher Luminelle
In Bangkok, this is sell for about 350 Baht (est: 11$) per single eyeshadow. For me, I would say that is quite pricey for one single eyeshadow. It is an oval shape, large pan single eyeshadow. I love the packaging. It is cute. And with a clear compact cover makes you to choose and pick the color easily from your makeup bag or makeup kit.

It says this is dry/wet formula eyeshadow. Yes, I tried it both wet and dry. The texture is very silky, smooth, shimmery, pigmented and quite long lasting. I don’t always use with eye primer, but it last long well for both dry and wet use.

I love this eyeshadow. I would love to buy more when they have new colors coming out.

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